Monday, May 4, 2009

Dhvani - Part 1

It was a boring Sunday afternoon....

I had nothing to do except for watching some drum videos and practicing. While searching for something, I ran into a folder titled "Dhvani”.

Instantly the rewind function got activated and I sailed back to 2002 where it all started.

I was a happy go lucky boy during my college days; studies were of least priority, though I loved physics and maths. Music was always the best friend but it was tough to convince dad to get me a set of drums.

I coaxed, cajoled, begged and finally got a second hand 3 piece Congo set. Dad had a strict condition that I would be allowed to perform only if I get good marks in F.Y exams. That was enough to pump me up and I started taking my studies very seriously. Results came out, I did pretty well and dad was happy.

I enrolled in computer class to get acquainted with nuances of software technology; Co-incidentally, I met a schoolmate who was a student there as well, we got quite well together since we were rookies in the field of music. He had a mini Keyboard while I had my Congo set which we thought was enough for us to compose something and bring down the entire world.

Life went well since then, we were happy with our jam sessions.

14th February was approaching and students of the center decided that we should have a small get together celebration. The musician within us woke up and we proposed a live band performance which was unanimously agreed.

We had to search for a singer and another musician as soon as possible. I thought about a distant cousin of mine who was quite a good vocalist. He doubled up our charts because he had a pretty decent Yamaha Keyboard which would suffice our requirements for the show.

So Vikram (the rookie keyboard player / my schoolmate) was half happy now, his major problem was solved but he had another task to search for a guitarist. To his savior came his college mate who along with my cousin were then the most musically learned people amongst us.

I got hold of an acquaintance who got an Octopad for us on rent.

So all said and done, we accumulated people, instruments and started rehearsing for the event.

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